This gallery represents only a few of the demonstrators at the Los Angeles Democratic National Convention who protested Oxydental Petroleum's crimes against the U'wa Indians. Protestors' banners and cries to Al Gore for help for the U'wa fell on deaf ears in Los Angeles, even though such people as Bonnie Raitt performed for the cause, hoping to gain some attention from the Democratic Party.

Sadly, to date, both the Republican and Democratic parties, as well as national news programs, have completely ignored the pleas for action by U'wa supporters, despite the fact that U'wa have been killed trying to defend their homeland.

Also demonstrating, seeking help from the Democratic Party, were supporters of Dine'h at Black Mesa, Arizona, who are being deprived of their basic human rights by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) because Peabody Coal wants to forcibly remove Dine'h to mine the coal and have control of the aquifer beneath Dine'h land. Dine'h supporters and demonstrators met with the same deliberate blindness and wall of silence that U'wa supporters encountered.

SENAA is grateful to the brave warriors who appeared and participated in the demonstrations at the DNC to defend the rights of the oppressed U'wa and Dine'h people. As a token of our appreciation, we dedicate this photo gallery to those warriors.

Our SPECIAL THANKS to Suzanne Marcus Fletcher, who took the photos that appear in this gallery.

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Dine'h Gallery